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We make it simple & pain free. Yes, it’s confusing and complex. But it’s our job to stay knowledgeable and informed in these changing times, so you can stay focused on your business. Rely on us… and Relax. It’s what we do…

Many business owners claim that finding affordable health insurance for employees is one of their biggest concerns. Increasing numbers are reducing benefits or dropping coverage, making it difficult to attract and retain top talent. Confusion surrounding Health Care Reform presents yet another layer of complexity.

Alliance 360° helps simplify the heath care journey. We specialize in taking care of Employee Benefits for small and mid-sized companies. Usually, these companies have minimal HR staff – and it’s this niche of business owners, whom seem to really appreciate all of the additional services we provide to our clients – at no charge.

Strategic Planning

  • Each year, your Benefit Consultant will sort through hundreds of plan options to find the best benefits package within your budget, and help you meet your business goals. Our experts can advise you about how to attract top talent, opportunities to reduce expenses and liability, and ways to ensure you remain compliant with the ever-changing state and federal regulations.

Everyday Solutions

  • In addition to strategic benefits planning throughout the year, our Dedicated Account Managers are huge time-savers for you and your staff. They are here to answer your employees’ questions about claims, billing, plan eligibility, provider networks, pharmacy issues, new I.D. cards and more. You and your team will have a personal, knowledgeable and friendly point of contact for all of your needs.

Think about it. If your employees don’t understand their coverage or are having difficulty with a claim, you won’t have to be the middleman and troubleshoot – we do it for you. This service also offers a degree of liability protection, ensuring you don’t violate HIPAA privacy regulations while trying to help staff members resolve issues.

  • We also take all the paperwork off your desk. Send your Dedicated Account Manager all of your new hire, termination and benefit changes, and we’ll do the rest. We will process them with all of the insurance carriers and follow up with them until completion.


Most insurance brokers simply don’t have the capacity to routinely serve small businesses this way. Alliance 360° has an entire team devoted to these endeavors. You can focus on running your business, and we will take care of all your employee benefits needs.

COBRA Assistance (additional fee may apply)

Proper administration of COBRA benefits is essential to protect employers from potentially significant liability issues. Miss a notification deadline and your business could be responsible for all of the affected individuals medical expenses. Alliance 360° offers COBRA assistance to ensure compliance and reduce your liability.


MyWave Connect: Search. Find. Fast. (additional fee)

Staying up to date on the latest legislative updates and hot topics can be challenging. Not to mention, you can waste hours of your day trying to search the web for trustworthy resources.

With MyWave Connect, you can find the resources you’re looking for, quickly and easily. MyWave Connect is your one-stop resource on topics including compliance, health care reform, OSHA, workers comp, risk management, employee benefits, wellness and much more.

You will also have access to thousands of easily searchable materials, which includes an abundance of time-saving tools to help you with your everyday work tasks. HR forms, regulation postings, templates, employee newsletters, and more, are all at your fingertips.

Whether in a meeting, on the job site or on the go, access all the resources you need using your tablet or mobile device to streamline your everyday activities.

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