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Your Source for Protection

The law requires you to have it.

Rates for California workers compensation insurance are out of control.

And depending on the line of work in which your business is involved, plus the safety history of your team – you can be looking as some steep premium increases each year.

Get the right coverage.

Our experienced insurance agents ask the right questions so we can provide the best coverage match for your company’s industry and unique risks involved. We find the best solution among our network of top-rated insurance carriers.

Save money.

We help many of our clients find additional savings through the premium credits programs offered by our carrier partners.

We also offer risk assessments and safety trainings to our clients, to help protect them from future accidents and claims, which brings down their risk rating and leads to overall premiums savings in the future.

Don’t take it sitting down.

Don’t just sit back and let your workers compensation rates push you up against the wall. Let us help you get your costs under control so your company can thrive.

Just give us a call at 714.947.1010 … and we’ll help you fight back.

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